Hey Queen!

Let's get real, shall we?

  • You are here (on Earth) because you have a higher purpose and you know it is time to live it fully.

  • In fact, you know you are destined for great leadership and impact the world with wisdom and grace and you are keen as mustard to get stuck in.

  • You also deeply desire true love, romance and intimacy with your (future) conscious King. Yet, for every energy-clearing-kundalini-activating-twinflame-meditation-visionboard-making-workshop you have done he has yet to make his appearance in your life. (Or your current partner has yet to find his King-gene.)

  • And last, but not least you craaaaave to have more freedom and adventure in your life and dream of days, weeks, months where you feel the exhilaration of ecstatic joy pulsing through your veins.

Am I close? 

Yeah, I thought so.

I know you, because I am you.

I understand there is much much more to you than those four bullet points above.

You, my sister, are not the be summed up in a couple of sentences,

because you are a friggin' Force of Nature.

You can do anything you put your mind to.

And you do not take no for an answer.

Which is why I know how frustrating it is when you are so READY to step into the next level of your leadership,

only to be held back by some invisible force that seems to keep you stuck where you are right now.

Like ... WTF?!

Rule like a Queen

... and amplify your Highest Purpose.

Here is the thing beauty...

If you want to excel in one area of your life, the other ones will have to come with.

You cannot step into the next level of your leadership,

without stepping into a next level version of yourself and who you are as a partner, a lover, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a boss, etc.

Uplevel one, and you will have to uplevel all.

So what do you say, sister?

Fancy levelling up with me?

So very often do I see women accelerating in leadership, only to put themselves and their happiness on the backburner.

They thrive in their organisation or business, only to come home to a dysfunctional (read: very unhappy) relationship with themselves, their partner or even their friends and family.

Sister, this is NOT worth it.

Not ever.

Living your purpose is supposed to be fun and exciting. 

It is supposed to turn you on and make you feel alive.

And love is a BIG part of that.

If not, ALL of it.

For you to live that purpose of yours, experience that true love and meet your destiny as a legendary leader, you have GOT to bring ALL parts of you in alignment with one another.

Alignment of Life + Love + Leadership = Next Level

In RULE LIKE A QUEEN you will receive the blueprint to amplifying your life purpose, deepening your relationships and impacting the world with grace and wisdom, 

so that you can take stock of these three areas of your life and consciously begin the process of upgrading ALL THREE OF THEM to the next level.

Rule like a Queen

... and deepen your Intimate Relationship.

What's included

RULE LIKE A QUEEN was originally recorded as a 3-day virtual oracular leadership event and includes:

  • An introduction video to help you set the stage for your royal success + a download of The 6 Levels of Awareness.

  • The 1-hr recording + assignments of Day 1 of the event about establishing a strong connection with your Higher Self and discovering and amplifying your Life Purpose. (Value $111)

  • The 1-hr recording + assignments of Day 2 of the event about deepening your relationships, especially the one with your (future) beloved, and raising your standards to experiencing the Divine Love your heart truly yearns for. (Value $111)

  • The 1-hr recording + assignments of Day 3 of the event about impacting the world with wisdom and grace and rising into your Legendary Leadership as benevolent Queen. (Value $111)

Bonus material

BECOMING THE ONE was recorded as an oracular transmission about love, romance and intimacy with your (future) sacred beloved.

  • Becoming The One

    $111 value

    Discover the difference between romantic love and Divine Love, learn the #1 communication block for him and her that stops conscious couples from experiencing Divine Love and receive a daily practise to overcome these blocks so that you can grow and evolve into Sacred Union. Also suitable for singles.

Total course value

Course Value: $333

Bonus Module Value: $111

Total Course Value = $444

What you pay


The best price is NOW

Rule like a Queen

... and impact the World.

What others say

“RULE LIKE A QUEEN gave me the strength to see that I am worthy of living my life on my terms. That I am worthy of all the beautiful things I desire, and that I can absolutely trust my intuition. I love the way Nicole takes you on a journey to a life that gives joy, love and pleasure on your own terms.”

Irene van Gent

“Since RULE LIKE A QUEEN, I have been releasing some major emotional ties from the past. Nicole has planted the seeds to helping me clarify my needs. I learned about the 6 different dimensions to connect to my partner. I see and know where there is work to be done. RULE LIKE A QUEEN brought so much clarity for me! Now it's to find courage and take some action... to RULE LIKE A QUEEN!”

Shelly Coupland

Your Host

and course creator

Nicole Olsthoorn


High level medium and oracle Nicole Olsthoorn has the ability to reach beyond your human personality to unearth your unique life purpose and enrich your relationships and work with more depth, meaning and heart-felt connection, so that you can impact your community and the world with your loving power, presence and prosperity.


  • How much time do I need to reserve for this course?

    Including the Bonus Module, the total length of the course videos is just over 4 hours. I recommend reserving another 30 minutes per module for the homework assignment.

  • How long do I have access to the course content?

    You have access for 33 days, starting from the day of purchase.

  • How long will RULE LIKE A QUEEN be available for?

    For as long as it feels aligned with my highest purpose, RULE LIKE A QUEEN will be available for you to purchase.

  • Do you have a money-back-guarantee?

    No. All purchases are final. No refunds are given.